Posing as a junior high student

Arrested as giant Quizno's cup

Gangsta rapper Hard Corey

Parachuting with Flying Elvi

Nude model

Ghost-hunting on Queen Mary

Jerry Garcia in un-Grateful cover band

Trying to get a job, & laid, with gray hair

Nudist colony member

Scientology vs. Kabbalah

L.A. Lakers photog

Elvis wedding minister

Rock climber

Dog groomer

Triangle player in symphony

Domino's pizzamaker


Tossing peanuts at Dodger Stadium

Playing lifeguard

Finding ballet a tough nut to crack

Strip club food critic

Cub Scout leader


Pet gravedigger

Crapping out with old gamblers

Gone fishing

Corey the sailor man
Getting in touch with my Inner Elvis

Oktoberfest: emcee

Swimming with sharks  

Bringing back the paperboy

Little League baseball player

Nightclub bouncer
Beauty school drop-in

Waiting  tables for grumpy old men
Dressing  hot naked female models

Corey carpenter

Hitting job market; job market hits back